We all hope that we will never be forced to decide between buying food and paying for medicine. These are the types of decisions that Azadeh faces. She has been diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme disease and Babesiosis: central nervous system diseases that cause extreme fatigue and pain. She is unable to perform most normal daily activities.

Azadeh’s insurance company has denied coverage of part of her medical costs. With your help, her doctor can get her the treatments needed. If she can make it through this year’s course of treatment, there is a good chance she can recover and return to the workforce. If not, she faces a snowball effect of deteriorating health and increasing difficulty in paying for her medicine.

Her out-of-pocket medical expenses cost thousands per month now. If you are able to contribute to her cause, please click on the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page. Any amount will help. All of your donation will go towards her medical costs and transportation to the doctor. Thank you! 


4 Responses to About

  1. mdb243 says:

    I hope this works out. I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but you’ve come such a long way since I’ve known you. Godspeed.

    Love, Matt

  2. Carole F. says:

    Count me in. Love you A.

  3. Cole says:

    This site is great. What a courageous act – as always.

  4. Colby Foster says:

    I was wondering, how old are you? I also contracted Lyme at 11-12 years old.

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